We inform you, that you as a customer (consumer) using the website and accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you establish a legal relationship with VIP BOUTIQUE LIFE LTD.

We ask you, that if want to be a customer or an active user of the opportunities offered by the website, please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully, and only use our services if you agree with all the regulations and consider them binding.

This document is only in electronic form. The contract governed by the following conditions is considered to be a distance contract.


  1. Provider data
  • Seat: Unit 26 Price Street, Birkenhead, United Kingdom, CH41 4JQ
  • Contract language: Hungarian
  • Electronic Availability:,
  • Availability of the storage provider:
  • Company Name: INTEGRASCO Kft.
  • Seat: 1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István square 7-8.
  • Tax number: 24998484-2-41
  • Electronic availability:
  • Company Name: ATW Internet Kft.
  • Seat:
  • Tax number:

Hereinafter referred to as provider.


  1. Purchasable Products and Services

The services we offer are as follows:

Name of service                                                         HUF                           GBP

Individual education                                                                                     550

Group education (up to 65 people, personally)          65.000

Individual Consultation (Gabriella Héja)                                                      15/hour

Individual Consultancy Pass (10 hours, Gabriella Héja)                               110

Individual Consultation (Szilvia Polyák)                                                      40/hour

Stock Exchange Correction Analysis (Szilvia Polyák)                                 55/month


All education and consultation shall be done in Hungarian.

These services will be available after a successful payment. After successful payment, in case of individual consultancy we will contact you via e-mail within 72 hours, and we will send you the direct, online and / or phone contact of our colleague, who is responsible for your paid service. The Stock Exchange Correction Analysis as an online service is available after successful payment, in which the experts of the service provider analyze the images and / or videos of the stock exchange trading of the customer via electronic letter.

The contract between the parties shall terminate with the fulfillment of the consultations and trainings with the ordered hours.


  1. Ordering Information

The displayed products can only be ordered online through the website. The prices marked for the products include the prescribed VAT, if it is necessary


Ordering process

A.) Click on the basket symbol to place the product in your Basket.

You can place the product (s) in the Basket without signing in, but before it you will need to fill out a registration form wherewith you will be the User of the Page. After registration and so after the first purchase you can purchase additional product (s) by simply signing in to the site – you can do so only if you sign in. If you are a registered customer, but you forgot your password, please use the password Login reminder. If you give your registered e-mail address here, your password will be sent to you by e-mail. You can access by using the Login tab located on the bottom of the website (footer). Enter your registered e-mail address and password here and press enter. Once you have successfully accessed, this window will display your registered email address and the exit button that you can use to leave the store.

  1. You can check and edit the contents of the basket using the Basket item. You have the option to view and modify the quantity you want to order from the product that has been put into the basket, and to choose the most appropriate payment method for you, or to delete that item. You can also empty the basket completely. If you would like to put more items into the Basket, please select the “continue shopping” button. If everything is OK and you have decided to order, you can finalize your order by pressing the Cashier button.
  2. After you have finalized your order and the payment was successful within PayPal, the PayPal payment system will send to your email address an automatic confirmation, which contains the data of your order. If you do not receive such a letter, your order has not been accepted or your payment has not been successful. In such cases please contact us as indicated, using the service provider data.

Processing of your order is automatic in case of successful payment, the processing is done by machine. By logging into the website later, you can find all the orders you have made so far. Each order can be identified by a unique order number.


  1. Registration

If you want to buy, when you first purchase, you shall provide all the purchase information, including your name, address, e-mail address, and the password for your later entry. Before the first purchase and the finalization of the registration, it is necessary to accept the Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions.

The customer is obliged to handle the password that he has provided confidentially. If after the correct identification with the customer’s unique identifier and password, the customer’s data have been transferred to an unauthorized third party, the Data Operator and the Data Processor mentioned in the Privacy Policy are not responsible for any damages or disadvantages resulting from this. The users by entering their e-mail address accept, that the service provider shall send them technical messages during the use of the product, and after that the service provider shall provide newsletters on the products, trades and market news to the user.

Registration is identified by the e-mail address, so an e-mail address can only be registered once.

Registration does not involve any obligations except the purchase activity.


  1. Processing of orders

Orders are processed on working days from 10 am to 6 pm.

The order is also available outside of the time specified for processing, but if it is after the expiration of the working time, the order will be processed only on the next working day. The deadline for completion of the accepted order will always be agreed by the parties in each case.


  1. Method of payment of the ordered product

After the Basket has been closed, our site will redirect you to PayPal, where PayPal payment service provider can execute the payment process according to its terms and conditions (privacy, contract).

The total amount includes all costs. If you are requesting an invoice for the service, please indicate it in the above e-mail address:


  1. Other provisions

The customer is entitled to use the ordered and paid service.

Within 72 hours after the successful payment, the service provider sends the necessary information  and data to the customer to use the service.

The service provider excludes its liability in the event that the customer has provided an electronic access that he can not be reached or for which no response is received within 72 hours.

The customer must contact the service provider to match the details within 2 business days from sending the data required to use the service.

The service provider shall provide the ordered trainigs and consultations at the agreed times, except in cases where a force majeure situation arised and thus the service provider is verifiably unable to provide the service. The service provider is not responsible for the efficiency of consultations and trainings.

If the customer does not contact the service provider within 5 business days, the service provider is entitled to keep the paid fee and the service provider has the right to cancel the contract.

The Service Provider stipulates that, in the event of a changing the General Terms and Conditions, the customer will be notified about the changes electronically by providing him the opportunity to terminate the contract if he / she does not accept the modifications of the General Terms and Conditions.