Frequently Asked Questions

Program doesn’t start:

  • Check if you’ve changed to DailyTrader profile.
  • Is AutoTrading set to green?
  • Are Tools Expert settings set correctly (DLL import, AutoTrading)
  • Was your own broker selected at installation?
  • Have you rewritten all instrument names correctly at installation?
  • Had you displayed all instruments before installation (right click / all instruments)?

You have shut an offline window:

  • Start installation again to have a full reset. You find the latest version at login.

Offline chart is off, but time-charts are on:

  • Have you set M1 charts to basic setup? If you switch them to another timeline, offline charts will go off. (Data are retrieved from M1 charts.) Switch back to M1 and restart Metatrader. If this doesn’t work, rerun installation.

Half of the charts are one, but half of them are off and being upgraded:

  • Check if the name of the instrument is the same as in the DailyTrader. Write down the exact name, close Metatrader and rerun setup with the correct names.

My broker / account is not in the list:

  • Select individual broker version. Display all instruments (MarketWatch/right click/all instruments), write down all names before installing Metatrader, then rerun setup with the correct names available at your broker.

You want to switch off the popup window signaling color changes:

  • Select DT3 indicator on your chart (right click / list of indicators). Set Alert Trend Change (Tools / Input Data) from ‘true’ to ‘false’.